Bees Wax Wraps

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Bees Wax Wraps

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A safe practical alternative to plastic wrap and zip locks.


  • Perfect for wrapping snacks, fruit, veges, cheese, bread and even bowls. You can even wrap your gym bag soap!
  • Bees Wax Wrap is a great investment because it’s reusable and long lasting. Depending on how frequently they’re used, they can last for up to a year or more! To extend the life of your wraps, store either rolled or laying flat.
  • To use, just place over a bowl or container, wrap around food like cheese or a sandwich. 
  • The warmth from your hands will mold the wrap into the desired shape. 
  • Items like cheese, vegetables, fruits, nuts, sandwiches, etc. can be wrapped up. 
  • It will stiffen up in cooler temperatures but will bend easily at room temperature.
  • It can be washed with cold water and a mild soap. Hang to dry.
  • Since it cannot be washed with hot water, it is not recommended for meat.
  • Do not wrap items that contain a lot of moisture (like jello).
  • Do not use in oven or microwave or hot dishes.


4 sizes to choose from -


Small        7 x 8 inch (twin pack) $12

Medium    11 x 11 inch (single) $10

                 (twin pack $18

Large        14 x 14 inch (single) $12

Extra Large    18 x 16 inch (single) $14

Variety pack - one of each $38


Zero waste - Eco Friendly - Food Safe - BPA free

Made from organic bees wax, jojoba oil, and powdered tree resin on organic 100% cotton fabric.


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