Infused Honey 5 oz jar or Gift Pack

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Infused Honey 5 oz jar or Gift Pack

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Our all natural whipped honey has been knocked up a few notches with a selection of infusions:

  • Almond. Almond oil and honey, blended to bring you a smooth nutty taste.

  • Chai spice. Give your mouth a sweet surprise. The complex flavor of chai comes to life when infused in our raw honey.

  • Cherry. Natural cherry juice is spun with our raw honey to bring you one of the best gourmet treats. Try this on crackers or toast for a healthy snack.

  • Chocolate. We spin together crystallized honey and aromatic natural cocoa powder to make what may be the most delicious and natural treat ever! The best of two worlds collide for a delicacy that will blow you away.

  • Cinnamon. A spicy, aromatic blend of honey and cinnamon.

  • Hot chili. A perfect blend of sweet and heat.

  • Lemon. When we add lemon to the crystallized honey your mouth will just say WOW! The perfect combination of sweet and sour is like summer in a jar.

  • Orange cardamon. The highly aromatic and warming flavor of cardamom and orange brings your taste buds around the world from the Nordic countries to India.

  • Mint. An all natural and refreshing blend.

  • Raspberry. Spun crystallized honey and natural raspberry bring you a smooth, refreshing taste!

  • Vanilla. Spun crystallized honey and Madagascar vanilla beans will delight you with a smooth, creamy taste!

The ingredients in our whipped honey collection are all natural, so expect variation in this product. On warmer days, when separation occurs, eat layered starting with the fluffy top or give it a stir! If you like a spreadable honey, stick it in the fridge. Don’t worry, "bee" creative and enjoy this delicious treat!

Can’t make up your mind? Go with one our gift sets:

Cinnamon, Lemon, and Orange/Cardamom

Hot Chili, Chocolate, and Cherry

Mint, Chai Spice, Almond

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