Queens (mated)


Queens (mated)


Saskatraz bees originate from Saskatchewan, Canada (hence their name) and have been commercially bred for almost 10 years.

The breed is supposed to show varroa mite resistance and more hygienic qualities (similar to Ankle-biters). Additionally, they are selected for honey production, wintering ability, temperament, and improved disease resistance (including brood diseases)

Queen Ordering Information

  • Queen shipments start approximately first week of May, weather permitting.

  • Examine the contents of your shipment immediately upon delivery.

Shipping Information

  • 3-hole cages ship with attendants in cage with queen

  • California Mini Cages ship with loose attendants.

  • Prices do not include shipping.

  • We utilize overnight shipping from New Hampshire which is the fastest shipping method and least amount of stress on the bees.

  • We ship via UPS Next Day Air, UNINSURED. The risk is minimal, however queens shipped via UPS are the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the purchaser. Replacement is at the discretion of WMA.

We are primarily stocking Saskatraz Queens this year. If you are looking for a particular queen, feel free to give us a call regarding the availability and pricing. We should have queen cells, virgin, or mated queens for sale at different times of the season.

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